Node js Training (6 Months)

The Node JS certification training course helps you gain an in-depth knowledge of concepts such as Express.js, Node Packet Manager (NPM), shrink-wrap, NPM Vet, REST, Express.js with MongoDB, and SQLite CRUD operations. This Node JS training focuses on the essential concepts of Node JS and provides hands-on experience in building an HTTP server. This Node JS Certification Training is ideal for technical project managers, technical leads, full-stack web developers, quality analysts, architects, and students or aspiring professionals who wish to lead web development. The prerequisites to take up this Node JS training course includes basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML.

Duration-4 Months class & 2 Months Internship

Skills to Achieve

  • This course is a great introduction to the concepts of server-side web development.
  • You’ll learn the different parts that make up the back-end of a website or web application, and you’ll gain familiarity with the Node.js runtime environment.
  • After this course, you’ll be set up to explore popular Node frameworks like Express.js to build powerful applications.

Course objective

  • Learn entire modern back-end stack: Node, Express, MongoDB and Mongoose (MongoDB JS driver)
  • How to build a complete, beautiful & real-world application from scratch
  • How to build a fast, scalable, feature-rich RESTful API (includes filters, sorts, pagination, and much more)
  • Understand how Node really works behind the scenes: event loop, blocking vs non-blocking code, streams, modules, etc.
  • Security: encryption, sanitization, rate limiting, etc.
  • How to deploy the final application to production (including a Git crash-course)