Diploma in Tourism Management(6 Months)

A career in Tourism management is what you should go for. Tourism industry promises a good and stable pathway for such candidates to fulfill their dreams. It prepares students with the experience and training required to hold managerial positions in food, accommodation and tourism industry. Tourism is said to be a hot-button industry and also called as ever green industry. This industry is one of the largest earners of foreign exchange worldwide and employs millions of people directly or indirectly through associated service industries. At every point of work, the employees need to interact personally with the customers and make their stay comfortable. Hence, the scope of tourism management will not end as most of the people love to explore and visit places, which they need tourism people. This will never let opportunities end for the tourism candidates globally.


  • Airline Travels and Luxury Cruise
  • Travel Agencies
  • Domestic/International Hotels
  • Cargo Companies
  • Transportation Agencies


  • Travel Executive
  • Tourism Manager
  • Tour Manager
  • SPA Manager
  • PR Manager
  • Event Manager